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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Korean Movie Review: Return 2 Base/Black Eagle

I am on vacation!!! 

Thank you so much for sticking with me during my impromptu hiatus and random posting. Now that I have a week I will be back on schedule. So on with the show!

Rain/Bi/Jung Ji Hoon's last movie before entering the military was Return 2 Base (It's on Netflix under Black Eagle). I was on the fence about watching it at first. Not because I didn't care for the cast (Rain & Lee Jong Suk? Who wouldn't watch that ish) but because the summaries didn't really do it justice. I remember hearing about it while he was filming but between the many name changes of the movie to the long wait before it came to the States...well let's just say Ajummah doesn't have a long attention span. Or patience.

Last night I just wanted to watch movies and Netflix has been doing a bang up job getting more Korean movies (and dramas) faster. Seriously they have some movies that came out at the beginning of the year.  I remember that R2B was one of the movies they recently added although under yet ANOTHER name change so I decided to give it a try.

Talk about giving me Top Gun feels! The "death defying" stunts within the first few moments were impressive because I always wondered how do you NOT mess your pants/throw up and pass out during all those aerial rolls and knots and whatever else they were throwing out.

So the story... Jung Tae-hoon (Rain) does a stunt that isn't authorized and gets transferred to a combat unit (this isn't a spoiler). He meets up with his old crew from the academy and they bond and act silly.

hey Lee Jong Suk!

The first 45 mins is just watching the day to day of this squadron and how Tae-hoon is a bit of a show off. He's trying to make a chick fall in love with him (who wouldn't) and she isn't interested at first.  He's befriending the rookies, and just showing what life is.

Then we finally get to the conflict. North Koreans are attacking Seoul and a member of their squadron dies (*sobs*). Tae-hoon doesn't agree with how things were handled and there was a quick fight while wearing no shirts and being all sweaty and looking delicious yes lawd!!!

How they handle the retaliation/search and rescue is something I won't spoil but all in all I thought it was a pretty decent movie. It makes me want to ALMOST be a fighter jet pilot. If I wasn't, you know, afraid of heights and stuff.

So yeah check it out on Netflix or...I think its on Gooddrama under R2B:Return to Base. Let me know when you do in the comments or on twitter so we can then discuss how this damn scene wasn't in the freaking version I saw.

Oh Jung Ji-hoon you and your missing scenes self. #foreverwaitingtheshowersceneinNinjaAssassin

Also what is up with the fact that the actors who play the "Americans" have horrible English? I am available for movie shoots Korean PDs. You don't have to pay me just pay for my ticket to/from & hotel stay. Seriously. I'm available. -____-


  1. I admit to falling asleep on it twice and I'm just not a fan of Shin Se Kyung fan. She just can't act.

    1. She was definitely NOT the highlight of the movie for me. You know I'm all about the action but I managed to keep with it. I thought it was pretty good. I'm glad I saw it through netflix though rather then the theater. Sorry Rain.




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