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Monday, December 23, 2013

Ajummah's Top Dramas of 2013

I’m starting this post off by saying that I only watched 12 dramas that aired in 2013. They are the following:
1.       Heartless City
2.        The Virus
3.       She Is Wow
4.       Who Are You
5.       Flower Boy Next Door
6.       Cheongdamdong Alice
7.       Wonderful Mama
8.       Master’s Sun
9.       Suspicious Housekeeper
10.   King of Dramas
11.   School 2013
12.    I Hear Your Voice

I realize I didn’t get to some of the popular dramas like Secret, 2 Weeks, The Heirs…but I always dance to the beat of my own drum and honestly they didn’t interest me enough to watch while they were airing. Maybe later... so anyway here are the top dramas FOR ME.


I put a lot of thought into this…I went back and forth on the issue of this being my favorite or Master’s Sun.  In the end Jung Kyung Ho and his impeccable knife fights, blurred out tattoo back 

and blankity blank love scene from episode 10 won it for me.

 Actually it was so much more but that love scene?!!?!? ASDFGHJKL!!!!
But yes everything from the story-line (just how many undercover cops were there) to the clothes (Lee Jin Sook is now my fashion muse/idol/EVERYTHING) to the music (OMG THE FREAKING MUSIC). I really don’t have anything negative to say (except how Soo-Min acted in about 75% of the drama. Not the actress acting skills but the character).
I didn’t want this drama to end. I SOBBED HUGE FREAKING TEARS for the last 3 episodes. Even my mom got in on watching it (her bias was Busan surprisingly).  I am patiently waiting for this drama to come out on DVD because I will be buying it.

What’s there not to like about this drama? Ghosts. SoJi-sub. Action. So Ji Sub. Gong Hyo Jin. So Ji Sub…you get the idea.
This was such a close 2nd from my top drama that I might change my mind still (no I won’t). So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin were my OTP of the year hands down. I don’t care that I haven’t seen all the dramas of 2013…nothing compares to these two. 

Also can I say a special thank you to So Ji Sub’s stylist for making him wear socks with his shoes? It’s a pet peeve I’ve been trying to live with (kdrama actors who don’t wear socks) so when he rolled up with his ankle pants & socks, I shrieked with joy ^_^.
The acting was superb in this drama. Gong Hyo Jin played Tae Gong-shil so well…I like to believe she really is like that. Probably not though, right? *sigh*
As much as I have a thing for  Seo In Guk…So Ji Sub stole the show for me. The way he would tell Gong Shil to get lost (like every 5 mins) made me giggle and try it out for myself. Secretary Kim!!! I want to have a Secretary Kim for my own. 

I’m pretty sure that this drama did well in the ratings department so hopefully that means it will be available to buy soon.

Best 50+ drama: Wonderful Mama

I don’t watch these often. Not because they aren’t any good but because I am not patient enough for it. In fact this is the second 50+ drama I watched ever and they both had Bae Jong Ok as the lead female. Maybe it’s my ajummah side showing but I really love that woman. The way she portrayed Yoon Bok Hee…my goodness. And her fight scenes with Choi Eun Ok were well, wonderful (see what I did there). 
There were lots of laughs, millions of tears of frustration and some fast forwarding. (seriously it’s hard for me to sit through 50+ episodes). I DID NOT like how the drama ended but…meh. It was still pretty good overall.

Honorable Mention: She Is Wow

This was a gem. Not because it was a fantastic drama…sadly it wasn’t. I mean it was alright but for the most part it was ehh (and what the hell with like the last 2 episodes?). I’m mentioning it because it was the first time I’d seen a lot of the story lines. *NOT REALLY A SPOILER ALERT BECAUSE LETS FACE IT, YOU’LL PROBABLY WON’T WATCH THIS*

  • ·         The father tells his wife he’s leaving her…for a much younger MAN. YUP!

  • ·         The wife tries to have an affair with her uber hot neighbor only to laugh hysterically when she goes to perform fellatio on him & find out he’s…under endowed 0_o

  • ·         The wife of the neighbor flips out & insists on a divorce (I normally see them just crying and enduring it).

There is more but maybe you’ll watch it now soo I won’t say any more. I think it’s only like 10 episodes so you really won’t waste too much time. Plus the son is played by Jin Young from B1A4 so there’s your idol interest.  He’s pretty cute too (so yay to eye candy).

So that’s pretty much it. I know it’s a short list but hey, I only watched 12 this year. Next year I am going to strive towards lucky 13 while still keeping up with my older dramas and of course my movies ( I heart them so much).  
So tell me what was your top drama of 2013?


  1. omo is I Hear Your Voice at the bottom, as in you didn't like it? That, along with Secret and Housekeeper were memorable for me. Everything else was meh. Nine was okay might like that one ^^

    1. No I liked it! It was the last one I watched this year, that's all ^_^

  2. I loved Heartless City!!! It deserved more recognition than it received! The action scenes were so great! Though I have to say I was a little disappointed in the ending. I thought that there should have been a twist at the last minute instead of what we got. I won't say it because I don't want to spoil it for other people who have not watched it yet.




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