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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Korean Movie Review: The Five (더 파이브)

Kim Sun-ah! I love this woman so much!!! I Mean seriously, she has to be one of my favorite actresses. She didn't disappoint me in this movie either.


I've been waiting for this movie since I first heard about it last year. I knew it was going to be a while because I live in a place where there isn't one of those fancy movie theaters that offer screenings of new Asian movies (which kinda sucks). So I did what any normal international Korean drama/movie watcher does...I forgot. 

Fast forward a year and 1 night, and I was floating on looking for something new to watch. My eyes glossed over it and it took a second to regrister. My hands started shaking (in dead serious) as I clicked the link and checked some of the comments (making sure there wasn't any missing audio or bad subs). I had to let my drama/movie watching partner in twitter know what was about to go down.

 I quickly finished some work I was putting off and made plans with myself to make a pot of coffee and get down to business. Unfortunately, my body had other plans. Apparently sleep is needed every other week before your body takes over and MAKES you sleep *sigh*

I was up by 7, breakfast and coffee made, ready to go.

Let me pause my ramblings by saying this. I am a mother. We all know this. Lately watching things where children die, effects me in the negative sense. It's gotten to the point to where I try to avoid shows/movies that have this. I don't know... This movie has this type of thing, I knew it but I still watched it. So shame on me for knowing and watching anyway. Maybe that's why I'm still grumpy.

Anyway... here is the official blurb about the movie via Hancinema:
Based on an original web-toon, a woman gives up her organs for guarantee and takes revenge on a serial killer who killed her family.
After losing her family in front of her eyes, Eun-ah plans the revenge to THE ONE who killed her family. She lures people who need organ transplant promising them to give her organs after taking her revenge.

 Holy Smokes. I mean seriously...there is no happiness in this movie (maybe the first 5 mins). Kim Sun-ah played the crap out of Eun-ah and whoever was the "The One" did a bang up job as well. I wanted (still do a bit) assist in his capture. The cast was freaking fantastic and you will recognize all members of the five.

Kim Sun-ah plays Eun-ah
Ma Dong Suk plays Dae-ho
Shin Dong Geum plays Nam cheol
Jeong In-gi plays Cheol Min
Lee Cheong-ah plays Jeong-ha

Even the extended cast had some familiar faces.

Even though Eun- ah ended up being in a wheelchair, she held her own when fighting against "The One". I made mention of her turning into a female McGuyver.  I didn't tweet it though because i was so into the movie and it was kinda early in the morning. The few tweets I did make though were...interesting.

*sigh* I'm still recovering. Hopefully in a few hours I'll be well enough to watch The Accomplice which has been on my list to see for awhile. 

Final thoughts: Eun-ah got what she wanted though I feel like it was justice.  The action was alright but I think the story, the plot, of the movie was better. Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

First Thoughts on Korean Drama Three Days

I wanted to watch this as soon as I heard about it. Action, thriller, Yoochun, what's not to like? But once I saw Mister Popo's seal of approval, I knew it was time.

 I am just going to do bullet form about the thoughts that ran through my head while watching the first two episodes.

  • Woah, this music is pretty epic.
  • Yoochun looks older, but not in a bad way. 
  • Why is he walking so far ahead of the President? What exactly is he guarding?
  • Why doesn't he tell ole boy (Chief of Staff) that his father is in a freaking coma?
  • Wait...this female cop, is she going to be a real cop? Or a high heel wearing cop?
  • Why doesn't Yoochun just tell them what is happening?
  • Chief of Staff, do you really think people are going to believe that he shot you?
  • OOOH! The chick from Who Are You!
  • This is crazy? How did the President know? Where is he exactly?
  • I would find a wrist grab acceptable from Yoochun.
  • Why do they call it the Blue House?
  • This drama is pretty amazing for the first 2 episodes. How high does the betrayal go?
So yeah those were a few thoughts. I am excited to see how the rest goes. Hopefully it won't drag in the middle like some dramas do.  So are you watching it? What do you think of it so far?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quick Recap and Thoughts on Aftermath (후유증 )

Woooo! Haven't done one of these in awhile! If you follow me on twitter, you know that I've recently been working on my youtube channel and have been doing recaps of dramas (when I remember) there. I always say that I love recapping but it takes way too long for me to do episode by episode. And naturally by the time the drama is over, I've forgotten stuff. That's why I record. I can jot stuff down & talk about it later and it won't take a year and half to type up, lol.

All that brings me to Aftermath. It's based off a webtoon from Naver about a kid who wakes up with supernatural powers and can tell when a person is getting ready to die. This is right up my alley. I won't go into detail about it since I did a video on it but yeah, you guys should definitely check it out.

I haven't been able to find the OST for it but I'll keep looking. Since the lead is in a kpop group (ZE:A) there has to be at least one song right? Anyways let me know how you liked the series!

PS. Seriously who is the second lead male, the one who plays the bad guy? He is so freaking hot!!!

You can watch Aftermath on Dramafever.

Learning How To Play 민 화 튜 (Min Hwa Tu)

A while ago I was talking to my friend about learning how to play stop go. She told me that she'd found her cards  (called hwa tu) and that whenever we both get a free day, we'd try it.  Flash forward to today and we were ready to go. I even stopped and bought some mandu and mokgoli. She made fried tofu (grilled tofu?) and kimchi pancakes. We were going for authentic, okay?

*that's not milk, that's makgeoli*

I should have known there were going to be issues when I walked into her house and she was on the phone with her mom getting directions on how to play. Mom ended the call with "don't you girls start gambling". We assured her that it was not going to happen because we didn't know how to play.  She set up the cards and we were ready (we thought).

Let me stop my story by saying min hwa tu is not go - stop. It's like the beginners version. I thought that surely we would be able to master this game no problem because we were both intelligent women. How wrong was I? LOL. It took another phone call to mom, my friend's sister, a visit to google AND youtube before we finally were able to play correctly. And quite honestly I don't know if we did everything right.
When we were playing wrong, I won. Once we figured everything out, I lost terribly. Didn't even matter who dealt the cards (shuffling those little things are hard!).  But it was a lot of fun. If you were interested in learning how to play, I strongly suggest you go HERE. They have the best explanation in layman's terms that we were able to find.  I want to play again... maybe I should buy my own set so I can try to half ass teach someone else how to play.  I also need to play my friend again because I lost so badly *sigh*

Next time I am winning for sure.

you need to take notes when learning how to play

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

K-pop Review: 2NE1 Crush


So please don't come at me with ridiculousness, ok? I just love music. Or I don't. Don't like what I have to say, then please don't read this or watch my vids. Alright now that that's out the way...


This is freaking amazing! Overall the album is amazing and I am going to talk about it in detail in a second but can I freaking fangirl over the song Baby I Miss You? Sweet Baby Jesus!

I cannot get enough of this song. Seriously. I just love it. The chords. The lyrics. It's everything!

I can imagine The Band Six playing the shit out of this song! I had to help them realize how excited I was about this.

I just cannot stop listening to this song. I mean I want to do the whole album justice but really I can't leave this song. I sound crazy...or maybe this is what the beginnings of a Blackjack sound like?

Alright down to business.

Track List
1. "Crush"   CL CL, Choice 37
2. "Come Back Home"   Teddy Teddy, PK, Dee.P
3. "Gotta Be You" (너 아님 안돼) Teddy, PK Teddy, MASTA WU
4. "If I Were You" (살아 봤으면 해) CL CL, Dee.P
5. "Good to You" (착한 여자) Teddy, G-Dragon Teddy, Choice 37
6. "MTBD" (멘붕 (CL solo)) Teddy, CL Teddy
7. "Happy"   Teddy Teddy
8. "Scream" (Korean version) CL Teddy, Dee.P
9. "Baby I Miss You"   CL CL, Choice 37, Peejay
10. "Come Back Home" (Unplugged version) Teddy Teddy, PK, D

We already know what my favorite song is on the album. The second fav is MTBD, CL's solo. The beat is tight, especially when that bass drops. Definitely going on my workout playlist. 

Seriously how can you not get amped off that song?

The songs that are bolded are supposedly the ones that are going to be the singles. I swear I hope they add my favorite on the m/v making list because....ugh. I'm trying to stay focused.

Crush is alright. I haven't listened to 2NE1 enough to know if this the normal type of song for them Its alright.

Come Back Home is better for me. Especially the unplugged version. I really hope that Justin Lyons has a special stage with that one because his guitar skills well, slay lol!

Gotta Be You again is just alright for me.

If I Were You is something I'd listen to. I like this style from them. Slower, laid back.

Good To You is good. I mean really. I want more of whoever is playing the piano. The lyrics are strong but the piano sealed it for me. I'm a sucker for great musicians.

Happy & Scream are okay but I think at the moment I am so obsessed with Baby I Miss You that I will have to go back and listen to them again when I get over this.

So tell me, are you as excited about this album as everyone else? What is your favorite song on the album? Already saving up your pennies to see them in concert? Let me know on twitter or in the comments.  You know I'm saving for KCon but I might have to set up another jar to get on this 2NE1 train.


Here is my reaction for 2NE1's Come Back Home m/v.  

Friday, February 21, 2014

KCON 2014 Obsession

I know what you're going to say... "Ajummah! It's been a month! Where did you go? What have you been doing?"

I've been doing several things. Working, going to school, fan-girling, being a  Have I said that already? Oh sorry.

Anyway I've been pretty busy. But I'm back.

And I'm obsessed. With what you might ask? KCon 2014. There is so much going on in my Hallyu life (and I'll get into that in other posts) but right now I want to talk about KCon 2014. You might recall my previous post on setting up to container to put in spare change and dollars (when I can). Well now I have saved up enough money for a VIP2 ticket (according to last year's prices)

Now all I need to do is work on saving for air fare, hotel fare, food... *sigh* And no I don't know when it's going to be or where or the hundred other questions that people have been asking me on twitter (why are you not following me yet). I just know I'm going to go. Because I have to. I don't even care what idol is going to be there. I'm really excited to go for the panels. Kdrama panels in particular. You know that Korean dramas and movies are my first loves and I was a bit sad that I missed out on the panels from last year.

Can you imagine me on a kdrama? Or a Korean movie? I totally could. At least in my minds eye because I've been really slacking in my Korean language studies...

It's already the end of February...if the KCon folks keep to last years schedule, I have about 6 months to save more money (or win the lottery) to get ready. Also I have started my idolization process but that will have to be for another post. So tell me, have you started saving for KCon yet? Which idols do you want to see there? Let me know in the comments and/or on twitter! I hope to see you there!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Let's Eat Deux

One of the shows I'm watching is Let's Eat. Have you seen it? Ugggghhhh it's so good. I think the main reason why I like it so much is because of the food. OH MY GOD THE FOOD LOOKS SO DELICIOUS!!!! I think I've gained 3 pounds so far just from watching it.

I liked it so much I decided to start a youtube series on it called Let's Eat Deux. Basically its me cooking different Korean food that I've seen in the drama.

Episode 1: Jjajangmyeon

Episode 2: Cucumber Kimchi

Episode 3: Mandu

Oh this food is so delicious!!! Let me tell you. I am lucky enough to have a Korean restaurant almost within walking distance but its a bit expensive (what am I saying, its freaking expensive but the food is good). So now that I started this series, I feel like I can make the food at home. It may not be the best tasting but shoot I'm learning. And that mandu I made...I made 3 times as much for the price of 1 order. So yay!

I wish Let's Eat lasts forever because the food looks so tasty and its a cute drama. Though the lead female gets a bit ridiculous with all of her faces she makes while she eats.

Check out my videos and let me know if you like the food. Also are you watching the drama? What do you think of it?


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